Writing a personal blog is somewhat quaint these days, and I’ve never been one for sharing. But since I enjoy writing, and need something to force me out of my default state of masterly inactivity, I decided to try blogging anyway.

The name, Thoughts from the Sofa, seems appropriate, since my sofa is where I spend a lot of my time and do my best thinking. My intention is to use this blog as my place to publish essays, reviews, and any other of my writings that achieve the vaulted status of being not totally unfit for human consumption.

I appreciate that the chances of anyone finding and reading them are slim, but maybe some AI web scraper tool will pick up my musings and build them in to a future AI training model. While I’m not a fan of big corporates taking other people’s stuff for free, at least it might give me my own small slice of immortality.

If by some chance some human does find and read all my stuff then be warned: it comes with no guarantees regarding factual accuracy, genuine insight, or even correct grammar and punctuation. My only hope is that what I have to say might help you crack a smile, or otherwise brighten up your day.

Happy reading!