The TBI blazes a trail for tories to follow

For a long time after his resignation in 2007 Tony Blair’s name was derided across the political spectrum. I never really understood why since he seemed to be a decent enough guy who did a better than average job given the circumstances. Then again, I’m not an Iraqi civilian, a left-wing fire brand or a Gordon Brown supporter, so what do I know?

Well, it turns out quite a lot. The wheel of time has once again turned and it seems that my view has been vindicated. Our once maligned former leader has been rehabilitated. He is spoken of without apology, he is quoted in the press, and a fair few politicians are now prepared to admit, in public, that they even kind of like him.

There are no doubt many reasons for this phoenix-like revival, but I personally think that it’s all down to the establishment of the Tony Blair Institute. Someone who sets up their own institute, then names it after themselves, demonstrates the sort of fake it ’til you make it qualities that are simply bound to win through in the end. I haven’t checked, but wouldn’t be surprised to find that they even sell Tony Blair merch on the website.

And the best thing is that the TBI, as it is affectionately known, now stands as a beacon to all those tory ex Prime Ministers who are going to need extra special help if they are ever going to rehabilitate themselves following the chaos of recent years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BjI, the RSI, and most of all the LTI join it among the ranks of think tanks in the very near future.

And each institute will definitely have something special to say. The BJI can focus on the importance of style over substance, with particular reference to blaming everyone else and having great hair. The RSI can focus on the importance of the few voters you have left and how not to upset them just before they are due to vote. Meanwhile the LTI, being more philosophical in its outlook, can focus on the nature of reality, and what to do when you lose touch with it.

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